A film on ‘Hum Jayega’ by a budding film director

19 Sep 2018

A budding film director has decided to revive one of the most iconic character of the Darjeeling hills and convert it into a motion picture. The figure in question is the legendary Dal Bahadur Gurung aka ‘Hum Jayega,’ cited as a funny character in Darjeeling’s folklore because of several unrealistic jokes and tales about him.
The name ‘Hum Jayega’ itself evokes laughter among the hill communities and also the Gorkhas residing in foreign soils. In fact, many considered ‘Hum Jayega’ a fictional and imaginary figure until Gurung made a two-minute screen time debut in “Kusume Rumal” (silk handkerchief), a popular Nepali film of made in 1985.
Talking about the idea behind making “Hum Jayega”, Aditya Raya who is making his second Nepali movie after “Purna Janma” that was released two years ago, said: “Hum Jayega is a brand name. And our community people living in India or outside have an immediate connect with him. I wanted to explore the idea of making a film on him after my first film. One can say I wanted to upgrade from my first film to reach out to a larger audience and Hum Jayega was the perfect subject to do so with.”
‘Hum Jayega’ was born as Dal Bhadur Gurung on March 1922 in Marebong tea garden of Darjeeling. He was a driver by profession. It is said that back then, whenever tourist used to ask who would go on the muddy underdeveloped roads to the hills, Gurung would say “hum jayega” and so the name stuck which also became his nick name among his friends.
Raya however said clarified that his film was not a biopic on Gurung and only the ‘Hum Jayega’ jokes would be used. “We (youngsters) have all heard and grown up on jokes on Hum Jayega. I thought it would be interesting to make a film based on his jokes which would be more appealing to the audience,” the young director explained. The film will be shot entirely in the hills including in Sandakphu-Phalut and in some areas of Sikkim. The script and music for the film has been written by Raya himself and the release is slated for April next year, coinciding with the Nepali New Year.
On Tuesday, the mahurat shot of the film was canned with the film’s cast in the Mahakal Temple near Chowrasta in the presence of veteran Nepali film director Pratap Subba. Subba is credited with being the first to direct and release a Nepali film in the country when he made the ground breaking “Paral Ko Aago” in the sixties. (EOIC)