GJM continues protest rally

6 Jun 2017

The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha continued its protest rally the third day today along with burning the effigy of the Bengal chief minister Mamta Banerjee at the time when she is present here and not having any permission for holding the rally or the public meeting that was held at Chowk Baazar today.
The Morcha had permission for the rallies and the public meeting at Chowk Baazar the previous two days which they had been doing to show protest for the alleged Bengali language being made compulsory.  Even after the clarification of Mamata yesterday that it was not being made compulsory in the hills the Morcha decided to carry on their protest maintaining that this would continue until it was passed in the Cabinet that the language was not being made compulsory only in the hills but also those areas in Dooars and Terrai where a significant number of Gorkha population stayed.
The Morcha chief Gurung said, “The protest rally is getting a lot of support from the people who themselves are coming from different parts of Darjeeling. The chief minister had given another statement earlier of Bengali language being made compulsory in the entire state but yesterday she changed her statement saying that she had never said that as she saw that tension was brewing in the hills regarding this and she wanted to pacify it. However, we do not trust her so this must first be passed in the cabinet then only we will believe her.”
Gurung was speaking on the sidelines after the public meeting at Chowk Baazar which was held after the rally ended there. The rally today started from Gorkha Rang Manch today and made its way to Kakh Johra and came to Chowk Baazar. Thousands of people were seen participating in the rally with their traditional attire and shouting slogans today with the effigy of Mamta burned at Chowk Baazar before the meeting was held.
The Morcha was also seen maintaining that the rally tomorrow would start from Lebong road near the Darjeeling Government College and end at Gorkha Ranga Manch from where new programs for the coming day would be announced.  They also announced that a torch rally would be held by their youth front and women front every evening from tomorrow onwards.
Meanwhile, the protest rally was being held Mamta was today seen taking a walk from Richmond Hill till Singamari where the chief minister was also seen stopping for some time near the Morcha party office there and then going her way towards the Raj Bhawan where some protestors and the convoy of Gurung also passed her. In the way she was also seen talking to tourists asking them where they had come from and telling them that there is peace in the hills.
Later in the evening the Bengal chief minister also walked all the way to Mahakal Mandir where she performed puja and then returned back to Richmond Hill.
The programs of Mamta is yet to be known with her staying here till the 9th of this month except on June 8th when a cabinet meeting will be held at Raj Bhawan here. However, sources maintained that an administrative meeting could be held by her tomorrow around one in the afternoon.
Reacting to the rally today the TMC (Hills) president Rajen Mukhia said, “The chief minister has said yesterday that the Bengali language is not being made compulsory so why is the rally being taken out today. The Morcha should stop spreading lies as this type of politics will not go for a long time. All this must be being done looking at the upcoming GTA election. We want peace in the hills and request the leaders of Morcha along with Gurung that they have won the people’s mandate in three places and we have won in one so we should work for the people and their development.” (EOIC)