GTA invites NBU officials to Darjeeling on winter holiday schedule in colleges

22 Aug 2018

Taking cognizance of the demand for retaining longer winter recess in colleges in the hills of Darjeeling, the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration has invited officials of the North Bengal University for a meeting next month to discuss certain aspects of the Choice
Based Credit System.
Hill colleges affiliated to the NBU have started following the CBCS from this academic session where 90 days of teaching is mandatory in each semester. Earlier this month, students of Southfield College (formerly Loreto College) had expressed apprehensions about the winter recess being curtailed due to the CBCS system. Hill colleges are usually closed for winter from December to February. However under the CBCS system now students will get only a week’s break. The students finally decided to place the matter before the GTA for its intervention.
On Tuesday, GTA chairman Binoy Tamang in a Press statement said the matter would be discussed with NBU officials in a meeting in Darjeeling on September 8. “The GTA wants to provide a good environment for the students. We want education to develop in the hills. Therefore we have invited the NBU officials for a meeting to discuss the issue,” he said. The GTA will also invite heads and principals of other colleges in the hills for the meeting on September 8 to be held in Lal Kothi.
In his statement Tamang sympathized with the students citing the harsh winter conditions in the hills. “The students in their memorandum have highlighted the winter conditions during which they will be required to attend classes and also write their examinations. Travelling and sitting in classes in cold conditions will be a problem for the students. With days shorter in winter it will be quite risky for the girl students. Also during winter most people including paying guest providers move down to the warmth of the plains. This makes it difficult for students,” he said.
A letter signed by D.K. Sarkar, the NBU Registrar which the GTA chairman furnished says that “the compulsion of the University is to abide by the regulations and directions of the University Grants commission to conduct the Bachelor Degree curriculum and examination under CBCS from 2018-2019. In view of the fact the NBU has to conduct all the UG related examinations for its affiliated colleges irrespective oflocation of the hills and the plains….However, the University believes in deliberations and democratic practices. The vice Chancellor shall certainly hear from the hill college Principals to resolve the concern in such a joint meeting,” (EOIC)