JAP hunger strike

24 May 2017

The youth front of the Jan Andolan Party (JAP) today started an indefinite hunger strike at Kalimpong demanding that the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha should take a proper stand on the demand of Gorkhaland.
Six of the JAP youth front members today started the hunger strike at the Trikon Park in Thana Dhara maintaining that the Morcha was the one who should take up the demand as they had won many elections keeping this issue in front.
The JAP youth front central committee member Pankaj Chettri said, “We decided to sit in the hunger strike from today onwards after the decision was taken yesterday in a meeting. We have put forward some demands and questions to the Morcha regarding the demand of Gorkhaland. The Morcha have been ruling the hills for about ten years now and in seven different elections that has been held they have won with the issue of Gorkhaland. They have got the public mandate for this by winning the elections but in the ten years the issue of statehood is still the same as it was ten years before.”
“We want to know what they have done in the ten years for the demand of Gorkhaland and we will continue our hunger strike until we get a proper response on all of this. We have also sent a letter to the Morcha chief Bimal Gurung regarding this matter,” said Chettri.
In the letter drafted to the Morcha chief it has been mentioned that the reason for sitting in the hunger strike was that the Morcha had won two lok sabha election in the year 2008 and 2014, two assembly elections in the year 2011 and 2016, two municipality elections in the year 2011 and 2017 along with the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration election in the year 2012 thus getting the mandate of the people for the demand of Gorkhaland. The letter asks the Morcha chief as what has been done in regards to this issue along with the status of the demand. It further questions that how many member of parliaments and national parties have agreed to give their support to the statehood demand along with prodding further with the question that being an ally of the NDA has any resolution for bringing the ‘Gorkhaland Bill’ been passed in a meeting of the NDA.
Apart from this the other two points that has been raised in the letter include that the Morcha has been contesting in the state organized elections even after they have shown the people’s mandate for Gorkhaland and been sitting in power even after that.
The letter said, “We demand immediate withdrawal of all elected posts within the state of West Bengal along with completely snapping ties with the Bengal government and show that you still have enough sincerity for the people you represent.”
The final point made in the letter states that, “The Darjeeling MP S.S. Ahluwalia should at least raise the issue of Gorkhaland in Lok sabha and clearly assert that the aspirations of the people of his constituency can only be fulfilled by granting Gorkhaland.”
The JAP front youth front questions why there is no pressure from the party to the MP for raising the issue along with demanding that they need an assurance from the MP that he will take up the issue in the upcoming  monsoon session. They also maintain that being a senior BJP leader as well as a minister he should bring consensus amongst the MPs from BJP and NDA in regard to the separate state demand.
The letter to the Morcha chief adds that they would continue their hunger strike until the Morcha takes a stand on the issue of Gorkhaland. (EOIC)