Mamata unperturbed: Reassures tourists of all assistance

9 Jun 2017

The Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee had a busy schedule today with her being seen in different parts of town from early morning on wards and relaying instructions over the microphone at the Club side area asking the tourists not to be afraid and requesting local people to open their shops.
Mamata was seen taking a walk early morning around seven with her walking towards Singamari from Richmond Hill where she is staying with her then going to Chowrasta and visiting places where vehicles had been torched yesterday. During her visit to these different places she was also seen talking to tourists and telling them that there is nothing to be afraid of.
She also announced that the police officer who was injured in his eyes would be provided treatment by the government in an eye hospital at Kolkata and if possible be taken there by helicopter today. If needed, the chief minister said that he could also be taken abroad for treatment.
Around 10:40 or so in the morning she was also seen visiting the Darjeeling district hospital here to see the police personnel that have been injured and admitted there.
On her way there she also saw a tourist child being taken to the hospital in a stretcher whom she gave a lift till the hospital.
“I saw the child being brought in a stretcher and brought her to the hospital. He had fallen from the bed. I have told the doctor to look after the child properly,” said Mamata who also added that she visited the people that were injured and maintained that their condition were stable.
Later in the afternoon she was found using the microphone around Club side area where she said, “We will take full action as we have always given priority to Darjeeling that is why we have never disturbed the tourists. For the problem being faced by the tourists we are providing them with buses and making all arrangements. We want to tell tourists that Darjeeling is a peaceful place and not to be afraid as an incident took place yesterday which is now under control. Free buses are being provided.”
We request all to open their shops as the police will provide all of you with protection. The army is also here. If you listen to them your business will be spoilt. You do not have to listen to them as if shops are closed who will be benefitted. They only know how to burn and terrorize the people,” the chief minister said from her vehicle while inspection.
The chief minister has declared to stay there until peace is restored in the hills. (EOIC)