UKD Guv for large-scale mushroom cultivation

6 Feb 2017

Uttarakhand Governor KK Paul today said mushroom cultivation should be undertaken on a larger scale in the state, especially in areas where women and children are malnourished as they are rich in nutrients besides being commercially beneficial.
Paul, who had planted button mushrooms in the Raj Bhavan campus on Jan 10 as an initiative to encourage mushroom cultivation in the state, said it was to make people more aware about its nutritional aspects and the commercial viability of its cultivation. As the first crop of button mushrooms planted by him was presented before him, Paul said more attention should be given to growing mushrooms which are a good source of protein, fiber, folic acid, carbohydrates and amino acids in areas of the state where women and children are malnourished. "It doesn't cost much to cultivate this vegetarian food item. Not much space or technical knowledge is required. For domestic use, it can be grown at home," he said.
He directed the officials of the horticulture wing of Raj Bhawan to highlight this effort of Raj Bhawan during the annual Spring Festival in March.
Commercial cultivation of mushrooms can become a source of income for people as demand for mushrooms persists all year round and various varieties of mushrooms could be cultivated throughout the year. (PTI)