Fishes too become dearer at Diglipur

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29 Jan 2017
It’s a catch-22 situation for residents of  Diglipur in North Andaman, particularly government employees posted in the region. Ordinarily prices of vegetables and salt water fishes are expected to be available at lower prices in local markets in remote pockets of this archipelago. But, heavy import of seafood to mainland has started to take toll on the locals and government employees posted in remote parts of this territory. According to reports, majority of  popular fishes are being sold here by vendors which are either higher from the markets in the city or at par.
Source claim that majority of the fishermen sell their catch to exporters at attractive prices and the leftovers are sent to the local markets here. Despite making huge profits, fish vendors sell their products at inflated prices in the market. A kilogram of  Surmai is being sold over Rs 400, while other preferred fishes like Bhangdi, Topi, Tarani etc are being sold at not less than Rs 100. Prawns, crabs are being sold at more than Rs 400 here,
 “Prices of fish have been on the rise for the past many months. The locals here are used to consume fish on a daily basis. But with the soaring prices, many have stopped purchasing sea foods. The Civil Supplies and the Fisheries Department should take appropriate steps to ensure availability of sea food for the local consumers are affordable rates