Major wildfire depletes mangrove cover at Ganesh Nagar, agencies clueless

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12 Apr 2017

Several hectares of crucial mangrove cover have been reportedly destroyed in a massive wildfire in remote North Andaman region. According to sources, the inferno, allegedly triggered by human activity two days ago in the coastal belt of Ganesh Nagar, located several kilometers away from Diglipur, is another brazen attempt to clear forest for habitation of encroachers with the support of  local political leaders. Neither the Fire Services nor the Forest Department personnel have reached the spot to bring the forest fire under control.
According to information, Ganesh Nagar in North Andaman is a coastal belt consisting of thick mangrove forest. Travelling to the remote region by road consumes several hours because of which people normally avail the dinghy boat services. As per sources, the continuous forest fire in the region has assumed serious proportions and has destroyed many hectares of forest cover in the region. The fire has also affected wildlife in the forest region.
“A series of wildlife in remote pockets of North Andaman has become a serious cause of concern. Our disaster buffers are being destroyed, but government agencies appear least bothered to control such mishaps here. The fire at Ganesh Nagar was spotted two days ago and is presently wreaking havoc in the region, but the rescue agencies have not yet reached the spot to douse the fire. Massive loss to flora and fauna has been caused. The intensity of the fire has become ferocious and is likely to become one of the major forest disasters if timely action is not taken,” said some villagers.