Subhashgram Nallah swells after heavy rain

3 Sep 2018

Incessant rains over the past few days has left the crocodile-infested nallah at Subhashgram swollen with water. After the heavy cloudburst, villagers residing in the vicinity of the nallah are reportedly reeling under the threat of floods. However, police and the fire brigade authorities are on their toes to keep a close vigil over the situation. According to sources, residents at Subhashgram are anxious noticing the nallah swelling with water. Some even have prepared themselves to vacate their areas as the bulging river is posing serious threat to the lives of the villagers here. Moreover, people residing near the nallah are also worried of landslides, which frequently occurs along the banks here, said some villagers of Subhashgram. (EOIC)