World's most expensive cake costs Rs 16 lakh in Dubai

9 Jul 2017

A bakery in Dubai has claimed to have made the world's most expensive cake worth a whopping USD 25,000, a media report said on Sunday. The epic four-foot high cake, which is baked entirely of sugar fondant and sugar paste, weighs 32 kg and can easily serve 100 to 120 people, Broadway Bakery said here. The sponge cake was prepared in Dubai as a tribute to "Game of Thrones" character Tyrion Lannister, Gulf News reported.
The bakery posted a video on You Tube on how the special cake, which costs 91,800 dirham (Rs 16.15 lakh) was made. "This epic four-foot high cake is a majestic tribute to the legendary Tyrion Lannister ? the rightful King of the Seven Kingdoms," the bakery said, adding that the unique cake is made entirely of sugar fondant and sugar paste. The elaborate craftsmanship includes the detailed modeling of Tyrion's face and body seated on a meticulously layered Iron Throne, made entirely of fondant, it said. "The cake is prepared on a sponge base of your favourite flavour, and all designs are created using sugar fondant. The cake weighs 30 to 32kg and can easily serve 100 to 120 people," the bakery said in a statement.