BJP rejected by the people

The BJP has been rejected by the people of the Hindi heartland which has been the party’s bastion since its inception. In Chhattisgarh the Congress has inflicted a huge defeat on it and in Rajasthan also it has been decisively rejected. The State Assembly elections in five States have proved the innate strength of the democratic polity founded and reared by Jawaharlal Nehru. It has been conclusively proved that Indian democracy can withstand a relentless attack on its foundations for full four and a half years – and still survive and prove indestructible.
The people have rejected the BJP. They have rejected its politics of Hindutva that seeks to turn secular India into a Hindu Rashtra. The people have rejected its politics of communalism, of communal polarization, of putting the cow above man, of subverting every institution of the State created by the Constitution, and most insidious of all, of subverting the judiciary and making it a pliant tool in the hands of the ruling party. The distress of the farmers, the distress of the workers who have been thrown out of job by the double whammy of demonetization and GST, the distress of the jobless youth who were given the false promise of employment at the rate of two crores a year, the distress of the academic community and intellectuals who have been consistently attacked and intimidated – all these congealed to make a force to defeat the BJP.
If the five State Assembly elections were the ‘semi-final’ the result will definitely impact the ‘final’ in 2019. The Congress has emerged triumphant out of the ordeal and Rahul Gandhi has proved his leadership quality. Even in States where the Congress has won a majority, he is trying to forge unity with other non-BJP parties. On their part, the SP and the BSP have made it clear that they are not going to support the BJP under any circumstances. The fond dream of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah to make India a ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’ has evaporated like a midday mirage. The Congress and Rahul Gandhi will now have to act as a catalytic agent for achieving the unity of all anti-BJP parties to take on the BJP in 2019.

Thursday, 13 December, 2018