Drunken driving

Cases of drunken driving resulting in deaths and serious injuries to the occupants of cars and pedestrians have gone up considerably. Hardly a day passes without a case of rash or drunken driving being reported in the newspapers. Drunken youth committing rape in motor cars, quite often killing the victim after the crime, is almost a daily affair. Once upon a time drinking earned social disapproval. But now the drinking habit is spreading fast, especially among the youngsters. If this cannot be stopped, then the driving licenses of those found guilty of drunken driving should be cancelled on spot temporarily till the court case is over and the judgment delivered. If found guilty and convicted, the licence of the driver should be permanently cancelled.  
Some stringent provision in the existing law is urgently required to deal with those who do not hesitate to drive after drinking, putting their own lives and those of others to danger. The police should also keep a vigilant eye on youths driving dangerously, stop them and find out whether they possess valid driving licence and whether they are drunk. If the police continue this drive against drunken driving, it is bound to have effect sooner rather than later. The parents of the rich and the well-to-do should also be asked to keep an eye on their wards. Street accidents often do not kill but maim a person and make him a permanent cripple. The offender may serve a short jail term and then return to normal life, but the injured man has to live the rest of his life at the mercy of others. In schools and colleges young men and women should be taught to regard fellow men and women with respect and dignity, taught to regard life as sacrosanct. The threat of punishment may not prove strong enough to deter young men and women with their happy-go-lucky and devil-may-care attitude. The last quarter of a century has seen the growth of an upwardly mobile upper middle class, flush with money, who take life easy and look upon their less fortunate fellow men with little consideration, if not with utter contempt. This attitude has to change, Better education does not necessarily make a better human being aware of his social responsibilities and duty toward others.

Thursday, 28 December, 2017