Empty rhetoric

As the president of the ruling party, Amit Shah is expected to weigh carefully what he says in public, what should be said in public and what should not be said in public. He has to be careful not to be carried away by emotion or the temptation to resort to cheap rhetoric. The speech that he delivered at Contai on Tuesday was full of empty rhetoric. He said that by the afternoon of the counting day of the Lok Sabha poll results, when the final round of counting is over, the Trinamool Congress government would fall.
Amit Shah is well aware that the elections that are coming in three months’ time are Lok Sabha elections, and not elections for the State Assemblies. Even assuming for the sake of argument that the TMC would lose all the 42 Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal, itself a preposterous idea, the TMC government would not fall but continue in power till 1922 when the next Assembly elections are held. Then why this cheap rhetoric?  This may evoke enthusiastic claptrap by the unthinking party faithfuls but the conscious voter will immediately see through the inanity of the rhetoric.
Indeed, the type of poll propaganda that BJP central leaders are making in West Bengal betrays an ignorance of the political reality of the State and the mood of the electorate. Narendra Modi came to power in 2014 by emphasizing on vikas or development. But the last five years of his rule has seen the tempo of vikas slow down, employment generation coming nowhere near what Modi had promised, investment not picking up and recession continuing to plague the economy. In contrast, Mamata’s strong point is the impressive record that West Bengal has made in almost every field of vikas or development.
To tell the people of West Bengal that no development has taken place in the State, that development will begin only when the BJP raj is established, is to fly in the face of facts. And it is this mistake that the saffron leaders coming from other States are making again and again.  In providing jobs, for example, West Bengal under Mamata has done better than the all-India average.
Amit Shah’s prophesy that as soon as counting is over, the TMC Government will fall actually gives a handle to the TMC to say that the BJP must be manipulating the EVMs to be so sure of Mamata’s defeat in advance.

Wednesday, 30 January, 2019