Killing the innocent must stop

The terrorists who masquerade as ‘Islamic’ jihadists have taken a fresh toll of 22 lives – men, women and children -- at Manchester are cowards to their bones. Killing innocents in the name of religion is particularly outrageous. The world has seen many such outrages in the recent past. Unless the IS is decisively defeated, there is every reason to fear that more such tragedies will occur in future. What is puzzling is that the terrorists are carrying out one carnage after another, in one country after another, with impunity but no determined efforts have been made to liquidate the Islamic State. With each such strike, the confidence level of the IS terrorists has risen, so much so that they now think nobody can touch them.
So far India has been the target of terrorism grown in the soil of Pakistan and exported to India. But the way in which the IS is making terror attacks, leaves no room for complacency in India about the possibility of such an attack anytime. Terrorists are faceless people till they are detected and caught. This gives the terrorists the advantage of remaining incognito and choosing their victims at a time and place of their own choice. Apparently, the Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence agencies the world over have failed to penetrate the ranks of the IS terrorists. This is a big failure. Few Islamic terrorists, if anyone at all, will be able to explain how the wholesale murder of the innocent advance the cause of their religion and whether they can show anything in their scripture that sanctions or condones such insensate killings.
The Islamic State terrorists burst in on the international scene in 2014 after capturing large swathes of land in Syria and Iraq. In no time it earned notoriety for its brutality, like beheading and mutilation of the body of its prisoners. A coalition led by the US has vowed to destroy it but it has been able to achieve very little in concrete terms mainly because the US and its allies are unwilling to deploy ground troops to take the IS head-on in frontal warfare. With the resources that the IS has at its command now, it is impossible to defeat and rout this monster except in a direct war. Routine expressions of sympathy and solidarity after every such attack will not amount to much unless the world is ready to destroy the terrorist State that is IS.

Thursday, 25 May, 2017