More organs for survival

The spurt in organ transplantation in West Bengal in the last one year has kindled the hopes for survival of those patients suffering from terminal diseases. While in 2016 the number of organ donations was 5, it went down to 1 in 2017 but last year it went up to 15. And with sustained campaigning and interest growing in the general public about this life saving measure, one can easily hope that this will further increase in the coming years. There are stories in newspapers about the recipients, who lost all hopes for survival but  have turned over a new leaf  after transplantation and are planning on their next course of action in life. . Not all cases of transplants though, have become successful but still it’s the best option for many terminally ill patients. And the government and other agencies have also chipped in facilitating the passage of the organs harvested from donors to the recipients at different hospitals. Green corridors have been created by the police so that the organs reach their destinations in the minimum possible time. For example on November 18 an organ was brought from the district to a city hospital through eastern India’s longest green corridor. There are cases where the parents and relatives of an accident victim even at their darkest hours of grief decide to donate the organs of their near and dear ones to a patient whose days seem to be numbered.  They derive succour from the fact that even after death their near ones would survive in another person’s body. At present the number of hospitals having a licence for transplanting organs is just 13 and more hospitals should be equipped to arrange for this feat. Though 2018 saw a major spurt in this area,  West Bengal is lagging behind other states so in this area. People still suffer from inhibitions and refuse to go for this for sheer sentiments. Various agencies and NGOs should initiate programmes to create awareness among people so that in case of untimely deaths organs could be harvested  from suitable donors.  And the Regional Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation is playing an important role in making this happen. With the concerted efforts of all stake holders one can hope that more people who are living on borrowed times may resort to this medical marvel  and get a new lease of life.

Tuesday, 1 January, 2019