Murder most foul

No words are strong enough to condemn the brutal and barbarous murder of a Muslim migrant labourer from Maldah district in far away Rajasthan. This is not an ordinary murder but a very special one. The murdered man was accused of ‘love jihad’ by the murderer. But the 52-year old Mohammed Afrajul was a happily married man with three daughters, two of whom are married. Not even a whiff of complaint was ever made against him of having an extra-marital relationship. The hacking to death of the victim and setting him alive on fire was videographed by the murderer’s 14-year old niece. Obviously this teen-aged girl’s normal human feelings must have been insensitized to an extent that she could calmly videograph the cold-blooded murder. Then the video was uploaded in the social media to ‘warn’ others who may be guilty of real or supposed unpardonable crime of falling in love or marrying a boy/girl of a different religion.
The mental make-up of the murderer is the creation of a ‘philosophy’ or an ‘ideology’ that brutalizes a normal human being and fills his heart with hate, malice and spite for the ‘other’. Therein lies the real danger. There may be more potential murderers prowling about without anyone suspecting them to be what they really are – potential murderers. More than the specific crime it is the ‘ideology’ that preaches hatred and degenerates a normal man into a hate- killer that has to be fought and fought tenaciously and unremittingly. Babbling goody-goody words about secularism and tolerance cannot stop this pernicious ‘ideology’ from winning many more adherents. It is at that level that the battle has to be fought day in and day out, year in and year out, ceaselessly.
The protagonists of secularism have done nothing to give battle to this ideology and its preachers at the grassroots level, though the preachers have been at their job for close to a century from years before Independence. If this ideology is not combated and defeated, India will eventually slip into a fascist, totalitarian State in which anybody – irrespective of his or her religion – who does not accept and conform to this particular ideological straitjacket will be eliminated. There should not be the least doubt on this count. Any ideology with a particular world view seeks to impose it on everyone and convert everyone to a particular mode of thinking. Those who refuse to do so or surrender become expendable commodities.

Tuesday, 12 December, 2017