A nauseatingly repetitive story

Pakistani army regulars along with the terrorists trained and armed by it once again killed two Indian army jawans across the LoC near the Krishna Ghati sector on Monday. What is more repulsive is that after killing they mutilated the bodies of the two jawans. This they had done before also and then also we had heard the same old things from the Government, namely, that the Indian Army would ‘respond appropriately’ at a ‘time of its own choosing’, that ‘the sacrifice of the Indian soldiers would not go in vain’. The people are hearing the same old banalities now from the ministers and official spokesmen of the Government. The difference is that then it was the UPA Government led by the Congress; now it is the NDA Government headed by the BJP.
When such brutalities were perpetrated during the UPA Government’s time, the BJP was sharply critical of the handling of the situation by the Congress (UPA) Government. Now that it is in power, the BJP is speaking in the same vein, repeating the same old banalities that our Army would ‘retaliate’ and retaliate ‘strongly’ – and that retaliation has already begun. What retaliatory ‘action’ is being taken and what damage it is inflicting on the enemy and whether the damage would be big enough to dissuade the Pakistan army from making such an attack in future is not known. What is being done right now is rousing the patriotic fervour in the people in exactly the same way that all previous governments suffering such attacks by Pakistan had done before. The sequence of events and the accompanying story is disgustingly familiar.
The question is whether the Government has a consistent Pakistan policy – a policy to effectively and once for all dissuade Pakistan from attacking our border outposts, kill our jawans and civilians in the area and – to add insult to injury – mutilate their bodies. Only about a week ago, the Government announced it had drawn up the armed forces’ joint war doctrine. It is said to be an eighty page document. Very little of its contents are available in public domain. Does this document have any comprehensive policy to deal with the threat posed by the China-Pakistan axis to this country? The hit-and-run attacks on our border posts have to seen in the larger context of the growing Sino-Pakistan axis. Unless we have a cogent policy to deal with our two unfriendly neighbours, such attacks as happened on Monday would continue intermittently and we will continue to react in the same way on each such occasion.

Wednesday, 3 May, 2017