Organized anarchy

Haryana on Friday afternoon was taken over by lumpens and criminals. The enforcers of law and order looked on passively during the first few hours. It suggests the complicity of the Manoharlal Khattar Government It abdicated its responsibilities and quietly allowed the State to be taken over by the followers of the self-styled godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh who has been found guilty of rape by a CBI court.  Arson and wanton destruction of property went on as the police were seen fleeing away. This happened despite the Government having been forewarned about what was coming. The Khattar Government has to answer, first, why were Dera Sacha Sauda leader Ram Rahim’s followers allowed to assemble at Panchkula in tens of thousands, despite there being a curfew in force? Second, why were the directives of the Haryana High Court to take all possible steps to prevent violence, if necessary by calling out the army ignored? The result: more than thirty persons lost their lives, over 300 were injured and 150 vehicles set ablaze. The rampage spread to Punjab and Delhi as well.
BJP supporters are in the habit of demanding the resignation of non-BJP State Governments at the drop of a hat. Whenever some disturbance, some calamity takes place they demand the dismissal of the State Government and imposition of PR. Will they now demand the resignation or dismissal of the Khattar Government and bring the State under President’s rule? For hours, rowdies ruled the streets, with perfect impunity. They vandalized public and private property in gay abandon. Trains and buses were set ablaze. Even newsmen and TV OB vans were not spared. This violence was entirely preventable.
The PMO has called for a report from the Haryana Government. Is there a ‘government’ at all in Haryana? Will the Prime Minister and the Union Home Minister institute an inquiry into the complicit role of the State Government? Without covert support from sections of politicians, administration and the police the followers of the godman could not have done what they did. What has happened is a willful dereliction of duty by the concerned people. If several hundred or several thousand followers of a particular religious sect can take over the State without any resistance, then to whom will the peace-loving citizenry turn for their protection, safety and security?  If an inquiry is held at all, the first thing that has to be found out is the complicity of the Khattar Government.

Monday, 28 August, 2017