Pakistan bent on promoting terrorism

First it was the ex-army general and ex-Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf who said he was willing to forge an alliance with the Lashkar-e-Toiba  and the Jamaa-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed for the “safety and security” of Pakistan. Now the Pakistan army, too, has taken a lenient attitude toward him. Washington is annoyed and angry that Saeed, who carries a ten million dollar reward on his head for terrorist activities is going to be allowed to contest elections and, given the political situation in Pakistan, may well become part of the Government. Saeed has already formed a political party naming it Milli Muslim League and is trying to get it registered with the Pakistan Election Commission. There would be no bar to that because a Lahore Court has already released him from detention because no charges justifying his detention could be proved against him by the Pakistan Government.
The USA and other Powers have to think of ways to prevent Pakistan from sponsoring terrorism as a State policy. Steps like ‘dismantling’ terror camps in Pakistan are easier said than done because Pakistan is a nuclear State. The only way Pakistan can be brought to its knees is through economic sanctions like restricting the export of certain type of commodities to Pakistan and cutting back on aid, both military and financial. The US under Trump has done both but not to much effect. As long as China strongly supports Pakistan, going to the extent of preventing the UNSC from declaring Saeed as a global terrorist, Pakistan will not listen to anyone until it feels the economic pinch.
In their recently held meeting, the Foreign Ministers of India, Russia and China came out strongly and unequivocally on the question of terrorism, going to the extent of emphasizing the need for “a comprehensive approach on combating terrorism” and said “those committing, organizing, inciting or supporting terrorist acts must be held accountable and brought to justice.” India can now request Moscow to talk to Beijing and persuade it to support India’s move to have Hafiz Saeed declared as a global terrorist. If China does not agree, it will only expose its double faced stand on terrorism. Pakistan will see reason only when the cost for terrorism becomes unbearable for it. If China takes a strong stand on terrorism, Pakistan can ignore it only at the risk of alienating Beijing -- its only dependable ally today. And it is here that Moscow can play a role in convincing China that its support to Pakistan even when it exports terrorism will in the long run be against her own interest.

Tuesday, 26 December, 2017