Ridiculous claim

Pakistan has claimed that it is the victim of terrorism. In the UN, Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, in typical Pakistani style, has held India and Afghanistan responsible for the volatile security situation in the region. The whole world knows that the converse is the truth. Abbasi has urged the UN to appoint a ‘special envoy’ on Kashmir, without elaborating what role the special envoy Pakistan expects to play. The United Nations Military Observers Group for India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP), set up by the UNO by Resolution No.39 in 1948, has been there for the last 69 years. What purpose it has served or is still serving is best known to it. The appointment of an ‘envoy’ or another UN official will make no difference in the ground situation, because Pakistan will not stop its policy of sending terrorists across the LoC.
To counter the Pakistan Prime Minister, India fielded a junior official, a First Secretary in India’s Permanent Mission at the UN. It was a well-thought snub to what she called ‘Terroristan’. The Pak Prime Minister went through the routine muscle-flexing exercise of giving India ‘a matching response’ if it continued to foil the infiltration bids. As a matter of fact, the Pak Prime Minister’s speech only brought out in sharp relief the growing isolation of his country in the comity of nations as a breeder and exporter of terrorism. If Pakistan was not driven by a blind hatred against India and Afghanistan it would pause and ponder and try to assess what results its policy against its two neighbours has yielded over the years and decades.
If Pakistan had not followed the barren policy of hostility to India it would have prospered more and raised the living standard of its people. Pakistan ranks 147 out of 188 countries in UN Human Development Index.  India ranks 131. India’s is the 6th largest economy in the world. Pakistan’s is 24th. This is not surprising, given Pakistan’s size and natural resources. Despite a stagnation in job creating, unemployment in India stands at 3.4 per cent. Pakistan’s is 5.7 per cent. For Pakistan to think that it can compete with India either economically or militarily is ridiculous. The massive doses of foreign, especial US, aid that Pakistan has received over the years have not gone for economic development but on spending on arms and in promoting terrorism. The futility of pursuing this policy is becoming more and more evident. But Pakistan refuses to learn. It continues to spit venom and vitriol. Its friendship with China cannot prevent it from becoming a failed State.

Sunday, 24 September, 2017