The rising threat from China

Two recent reports emanating from China point unmistakably to rising Chinese belligerence. The People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) recently sent a destroyer close to a US warship in the South China Sea (SCS) which China claims to be its own territorial waters while the world does not recognize it. A senior Chinese naval official has gone on record stating that China is capable of destroying two US warships sailing in the SCS and kill some twenty thousand people. This is nothing but war-mongering and threatening a Sino-US war. The second is China’s undertaking to arm Pakistan adequately to ensure “balance of power” between India and Pakistan. Pursuant to this decision, China has started building four “most advanced” naval warships for Pakistan that can be used for “anti-ship, anti-submarine and air-defence operations.
Simultaneously, president Xi Jinping has warned Taiwan that its “unification” with mainland China, Beijing will not hesitate to use ‘force’ as an option, knowing fully well that the US is committed to defending Taiwan against any foreign aggression and that use of force will mean a direct military confrontation with the US. In the contemporary world, Communist China has become the big bully who threatens not only her smaller and weaker neighbours but also challenges the US. China’s military spending is the second largest in the world, coming next only to the US. In Asia, China considers India to be her chief adversary standing in the way of Beijing’s unchallenged military superiority. India has to take note of this challenge and prepare for establishing its superiority over the Chinese in the Indian Ocean Region.
Defence experts believe that the scene of a future military confrontation between India and China will be the Indian Ocean rather than the high Himalayas. In the assessment of foreign military experts, troops of the Indian army are far better experienced and equipped and battle-hardened than the Chinese army for mountain warfare. In any Chinese military misadventure in the Himalayan region, the Indian army will be a force to be reckoned with. There will not be a repetition of what happened in 1962, when the Indian army, unacclimatized for operations in high altitude terrain and inexperienced in mountain warfare could not resist the advance of the Chinese army. But the scenario will change completely if a local or localized war becomes an all-out war between India and China. Other Powers are bound to be involved in such a war because the world will not look silently on China becoming a hegemony in Asia over a defeated India and aiming at world domination.

Friday, 4 January, 2019