Another feather for Chamling: Italy to pass law encouraging organic farming

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8 Jan 2019

Parliament of Italy has passed a law  to encourage organic farming in the country, chief minister Pawan Chamling revealed today. This they have done after Sikkim, the first  state in the country to make the state's agriculture fully organic,  has won the the Future Policy Gold Award at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) which has its headquarters in Rome, Italy. The CM made these comments while addressing the media,.
Speaking on seat sharing with other parties the chief minister said: ``We have never shared a seat with any party in last 25 years and for next election also we will fight alone.''
Speaking on allegations of corruption against his government by Bhaichung Bhutia yesterday at Janter Mantar, Delhi, the CM said: ``His allegations on power projects corruption are baseless as the fact is that all these protects are under public private partnership model and no case of corruption took    place there.''