Chamling promises statues for lama trinity in Yuksom

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29 Jun 2018

Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling on Friday announced that a 50-foot-tall statue of Lama Lutsum Chembo, Lama Sempa Chembo and Lama Rinzing Chembo,  the three monks credited with the setting up of Sikkim as a sovereign country, would be set up at Yuksom, the first capital of Sikkim, for their deeds.
He was addressing the Janta Mela Cum Jan Samparka Abhiyan for Urban Areas and Lamas(Monks) organised by the Sikkim Urban Development and Housing Department at Khel Gaon Resithang , Ranka.
“TheBhutia-Lepcha community of Sikkim had played a very important role in creating a sovereign state. It was this state merged with India and because of that only we are enjoying this status,” Chamling pointed out.
According to folklore, these three lamas had travelled from Tibet to Denzong, the old name of Sikkim, to set up a sovereign country. The three monks had also consecrated the first King of Sikkim in 1642.
“The biggest credit for the development of Sikkim goes to the three lamas who first created a sovereign political entity. So the lamas who belongs to the B-L community were the men behind Sikkim's development,” Chamling said.
He said his government had created a number of infrastructures and an environment for intellectual learning for Buddhists. The guest house at Bodh Gaya, enhancement of annual grant to monastries, setting up of monastic schools where modern education is imparted, a Buddhist University at Deorali and Aamji education for Bhutias and Lepchas were parts of the initiative. The Buddhist University would ensure that lamas would gain intellectualy and be equioped with modern education. Salaries and allowances of the monastic order would be increased in near future, he promised.