Citizenship Amendment Bill to affect Sikkim too : Sikkim Congress

1 Feb 2019

The Citizenship Amendment Bill is  going to affect Sikkim too, Pradyot Deb Barman AICC observer for Sikkim today said. He  made this comment at a media conference in the state capital.
`` The bill will affect Sikkim too even though the state has its safeguard of Article 371 F,’’ Barman today said.
When he was asked for his views on Silchar Congress MP Sushmita Dev’s support for the bill, Barman said it was her personal statement and he was not willing to comment on that.
He also said that the party had  submitted a memorandum to the state’s Governor complaining against the statement made by Chief Minister  Pawan Chamling that the Opposition had gundas (rowdies) and if they formed the government they would  unleash a gunda raj.
Asked whether they were going into any alliance with Humro Sikkim led by Bhaichung Bhutia Barman said that Bhutia met BJP during day and the Congress at night. ``He talks about money rather than people’s interests and ideology,’’ Barman said.