Downpour causes landslides, road block in Sikkim

7 families evacuated in Sichey
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18 Jun 2018

Incessant rain for the last 24 hours has caused landslides and mudlisps across Sikkim. At the Sichey area near Gangtok town on Sunday three houses were badly damaged in landslides, endangering the lives of seven families.
The downpour has also caused massive landslides at different villages of West Pendam constituency in East Sikkim.The landslide also blocked the road between Duga and Cheuribhotey, 10 kilometres from Rangpo, the main gateway of Sikkim.
“We visited the affected area on Sunday. This is not a new problem as there were similar situations earlier also. Fresh landslides have occurred because of the current downpour. Three hosues have suffered major damage, many other houses have suffered minor ones,” District Collector Kapil Meena said on Monday.
“Earlier there was no threat of landslides but due to new building constructions this situation has developed,” one of the victim whose house has been damged severely said. “We have already told the owners not to use bulldozer for construction but they do use and from last week due to perennial rain slowly my house and some adjoining buildinga started developing cracks. Finally yesterday's rain caused the collapese of the protection wall, compelling us to evacuate from the house.”
To tackle the problem on a long-term basis, the authorities have also formed an expert committe to tackle the emergencies arising out of the nature's fury on a priority basis and ensure the safety of private holdings from landslides. “We have decided to dismantle the affected houses with experts from National Disaster Response Force,” informed Kapil Meena.