Golay’s chance to contest fifty – fifty, says Khatiwada

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30 Jul 2018

The decision whether P. S. Tamang (Golay) will be able to to contest in the assembly election in Sikkim in 2019 will depend on the returning officer of the constituency concerned, Senior Advocate Nar Bahadur Khatiwada said in Gangtok on Sunday.
“There is stilla time for the 2019 elections but looking at the people's curiosity whether Golay will contest an election or not will be clear only after filing of his nomination and if opposition objects then the returning officer will take the decision. If he upholds then he won't be able to contest and if he overrules then he can contest. That’s why the chances are fifty – fifty.”
Whether Sikkim Krantikari Morcha supremo P. S.Golay can contest in the 2019 general election or not after his jail term is over is a question of great concern now-a-days in Gangtok and a hot political debate in Sikkim.
Leaders of the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front have already claimed that Golay would not be allowed to contest in the 2019 general election SDF spokesperson K. T. Gyaltsen has said: ''As per the section 8 m(ii) of the Representation of the people act 1951 Golay cannot contest election.” State Forest Minster and senior SDF leader Tshering Wangdi Lepcha has lately tweeted ''PS Goley won't be able to contest election in 2019. Skm people like that he will be contesting election in 2019. If so, please tell us now."
Opposition SKM is sure that Golay will be able to contest. They think that SDF is nervous about the prospect of Golay contesting.