HSP threatens agitation if report is not implemented

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27 Aug 2018

Baichung Bhutia led Hamro Sikkim party has demanded immediate implementation of the Fifth Pay Commission report and told the ruling government not to indulge in delaying tactics.
HSP Spokesman Biraj Adhikari said: “The Chief Minister's speech on the 15th of August; among the many populist announcements made by the CM was the announcement that the Government would be implementing the recommendations of the Fifth Pay Commission and despite this assurance, the only document issued by the Government till now has been an ambiguous sounding circular which was forwarded to all the districts and which contained lines like ‘for the record and for reference.’ But nowhere has it been explicitly stated that the recommendations have been implemented, and the party finds that confusing and regards it as a meaningless document.”
While Bhaichung Bhutia said:”The HSP has already responded to this circular and had demanded immediate implementation of the Fifth Pay Commission report. However, the party finds that the government is resorting to time wasting tactics and the HSP strongly condemns such moves.”
HSP held a meeting during the day to discuss the issue and passed two resolutions. One of it said the Sikkim Government should take out a notification announcing the full implementation of the Fifth Pay Commission by the end of August 2018 or be prepared to face massive reprisals. HSP was prepared to launch an agitation if the deadline was not met. The resolution demanded payment of arrears from January 1, 2016, to be disbursed in a single instalment.