The logic of survival: SDF answers why it is with NDA

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14 Sep 2018

It is but natural that the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front in Sikkim is working in alliance with the party in power at the Centre that is the BJP, SDF spokesperson K. T. Gyaltsen said in Gangtok on Thursday. He was reply to the question asked by Hamro Sikkim Party leader Baichung Bhutia why BJP should ally with SDF. “I am surprised why Mr Bhichung is so concern about our alliance with the BJP government of the Centre,” he said.
SDF leader Pawan Chamling was heading a State which is “very sensitive,” Gyaltsen pointed out. “It is necessary that in the interest of the State and for the welfare and security of the nation the party should work in alliance with the power at the Centre which is at present the BJP. We are interested first in Sikkim and the Sikkikese people but for the overall development it is necessary to keep the alliance with the Centre; so we are very much a part of the NDA.” The synergy between the Chief Minister and Prime Minister Narendra Modi was helping the SDF.
Observers pointed out that the ruling parties in the smaller states particularly in the north-east often find it imperative to be in alliance with the ruling party at the Centre mainly because of two reasons. These small states have a limited resource base and they are dependent on Delhi for funds. Most of these state governments, plagued by problems of law and order and insurgency, also depend on Central security forces for survival; the allotment of which is the prerogative of the Centre. Sikkim, of course, is a peaceful state where there is no problem of insurgency.