‘Nathu La border trade tussle resolved’

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30 Aug 2018

East Sikkim District Collector Kapil Meena on Wednesday declared that the ongoing tussle on border trade through Nathu La has ended and the problem has been resolved.
“We are still applying the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of 2006 which is the first SOP. Because of this the problem had erupted. Now we have sent a second proposal of SOP to the Ministry of External Affairs to increase the numbers of traders for India – China trade through Nathu La. We are waiting for the approval from the Ministry,” Meena said.
“That is long term but the problem here is that there are no separate passes for trders and drivers so the problem had arisen but now it has been solved. We will issue different passes for traders and drivers and drivers now will not be allowed to trade.”
He informed that now the number of vehicles permitted to cross the border would be increased to 60 and the number of traders to 100. On August 20, traders associations participating in the bilateral trade between India and China through Nathu La had decided not to practice any trade until their demand to increase the numbers of vehicles and traders allowed to pass to Rinchenghang in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China was met.