Over 2,000 opposition members join SDF

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23 Jun 2018

The other day lawyers apperaing for the petitioners before the Sikkim High Court in the case of seven Sikkim Krantikari Morcha joining the Sikkim Democratic Front had argued that this could not be termed as merger.
What happened at the head office of the ruling SDF at Indira Bye-Pass Road in Gangtok on Saturday is not also merger, but some of the opposition parties would now have to wonder what they have been left wiith.
In a major political development in Gangtok during the day, as many as 2,060 members from various political parties in the opposition joined the ruling SDF. It was a “mass joining programme” presided over by Chief Minister Pawan Chamling who is also the president of SDF.
Among those joining SDF was Bharati Sharma, former founding and working president of opposition Sikkim Krantikari Morcha. Former Minister Rup Raj Rai also joined the SDF during the day. He was holding the post of Advisor of SKM. Bhakta Kumari Pradhan, wife of SKM leader P. S. Golay, also joined SDF.
The Chief Minister in his address confirmed the joinings and welcomed the newly joining members with the party flag. “In politics we don't have any enemy. These are not personal but just ideological differences and on this ground we should not brand anyone as enemy,” the Chief Minister said. “Let's not talk about the past, let past be past. We should look forward for the state's development.”
The opposition parties did not have programmes worth the name. “They can only criticise our programmes,” he said.  SDF was the only party which was working towards the welfare of women, he said.  For instance, the Succession Act t was the one hrough which women could inherit paternal property and now Sikkimese women marrying outside would be entitled to government jobs, he said. This was not there in the regime of the previous government, he said.