Panchayat meet for co-ordination of people-centric programmes

8 Oct 2018

A one-day district level coordination workshop between Zilla and Gram Panchayat was organized by the East District Zilla Panchayat (EDZP) on Saturday at the conference hall of Tourism and Civil Aviation Department on Saturday to generate awareness at zilla and gram panchayat levels for smooth implementation of different people-centric programmes introduced by the Sikkim Government.
An initiative of the EDZP towards Sabki Yojana Sabka Vikas,  the programme had the presence of Zilla Panchayat Adhyakshya, EDZP S.S.Bokhim, as the chief guest accompanied by Upadhyakshya, EDZP along with Secretary, Rural Management Development Department C.S.Rao and District Collector  East Cum Sachiva, EDZP, Kapil Meena RMDD.
The day long programme included technical sessions in which various resource persons in different fields highlighted on the importance of coordination between gram and zilla panchayats in the  context of Sikkim Panchayat Act 1993, Mission Anthyodhyaya and Sabki Yojana Sabka Vikas. A cohesive approach was required of zilla and gram panchayats and the concerned departments of the State Government, E-Panchayat and findings of various workshops held earlier targeting the cooperation of gram and zilla panchayats for strengthening the Panchayati Raj System in the state and for the holistic development of the state. The technical session also included interactions where the panchayats dealt on various problems faced at the implementation level of the schemes which were discussed to find amicable solutions.
Addressing the gathering, chief guest Bokhim said that the protocols were a set of rules which were implemented during the government function and programmes from the zilla panchayat down to the gram panchayat level to serve the people of the state. Zilla Adhakshya emphasized on strengthening Zilla and said that panchayats must have a role in formulating different programmes, their implementation and delivery of service to the people.
Bokhim applauded the efforts of the RMDD and said that the state had received so many awards from Union government because of the hard work and dedication towards society and the state which had made possible proper implementation of government policies at the grass-root legal by zilla and gram panchayats.
RMDD Secretary C.S Rao said: “Our panchayats have been doing a tremendous job by bringing so many laurels for the state and they have made it more significant by recently winning the Swachh Bharat Awards where Sikkim was adjudged the cleanest state in the north-East. “I hope that the panchayats will maintain the same pace of work and make Sikkim proud by bringing appreciation and acknowledgment throughout the country.” He also informed the gathering about the recent cabinet approvals for RMDD like clubhouse, community hall and crematorium. (EOIC)