Political squabbles over agricultural production

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10 Jul 2018

A reported statement of Hamro Sikkim Party leader Baichung Bhutia on agricultural production in Sikkim has bcome a political issue.
“A few days ago Baichung Bhutia has made a statement that in the rule of the Sikkim Democratic Front in the past two decades the agricultural production of Sikkim has declined by 60 per cent. In fact, our agricultural production has increased by 60 per cent,” SDF spokesman Bhim Dahal said in Gangtok on Tuesday.
“Yes we agree that we are deficient in cereals, but in dairy products we are self-sufficient. We also have sufficiency in vegetables,” Dahal said.
After Bhutia, an ace footballers, joined politics Chief Minister Pawan Chamlinghas made some important announcements in the field of sports like an annual grant in football, archery, badminton and boxing and reservation in State government jobs for local sports personalities of national and international repute.