SDF confident of taking on opposition challenge in 2019

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25 Jul 2018

Sikkim Democratic Front leaders on Wednesday highlighted the achievements of the Pawan Chamling – led government and expressed confidence that the ruling party would be able to ward off challenges from the opposition Sikkim Krantikari Morcha and Hamro Sikkim Party in the assembly election in 2019.
“Golay cannot contest election for at least 6 years.” 
The statement was made by SDF spokesperson K. T. Gyaltsen during the fortnightly news conference of SDF in Gangtok. SKM leader P. S. Golay who is undergoing jail term is about to come out from the jail after one year and there is already a sense of excitement in the SKM supporters to welcome its leader.
“SKM suporters should confront the truth instead of abusing us as. They should also remember that the PIL for which their leader is serving jail term was not filed by us,” Gyaltsen said. “ We are also fully aware that he(Golay) is not allowed to contest an election for 6 years from the day when he came out. There is no threat for us.”
“We the SDF party in the past  25 years have foght many opposition parties and this time also we are watching for them but we don't see any political party which can give a strong contest to us,” another spokesperson Bhim Dahal said.
Asked about the potential threat from the Vice President of Hamro Sikkim Party Bhaichung Bhutia, Dahal said: “We don't have any threat even from him,. We are watching him not through a binocular but through a telescope.”
The SDF leaders highlighted the work done by the government in various fields, especially women empowerment and health sector. “Other political parties do not have a good agenda. Hence, we don’t have to fear anything from them. We are a pro-people government and we have done the work for people in every field.”