Sikkim Football Association unhappy with Referee Board

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16 Jul 2018

All is not well between the Sikkim Football Association( SFA) and the Referee Board as SFA has wrote a letter to All India Football Federation demanding suspension of the Refree Board for one year.
The matter would not have come to light had the Refree Board on Monday not organized a news conference and narrated the entire story to media.
“SFA should have informed us what's their problem is before approaching AIFF,” Referee Board president Chamchuk Lama said. “This is not the time to quarrel in between, this is the time to to develop the game.”
The letter of SFA to AIFF has said the refrees had indulged in an unlawful activity; hence their suspension was demanded, Chamchuk Lama.
It was also informed in the news conference that last week one match of the ongoing B division league football tournament match was cancelled as the match refree did not come to the field to conduct the match as the refree was not provided accommodation and other facilities.
Sikkim state has all five categories of refress ranging from the local level to the international level with grades from 1 to 5.