Sikkim Krantikari Morcha condemns statement of ruling SDF

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22 Jan 2019

Reacting to ruling SDF's allegation that opposition SKM was a `goonda' party (party of hooligans), the SKM  today said that by calling the SKM `goonda; the SDF was in fact branding the people supporting it as `goondas'``If we are goonda then the people who are supporting the SKM party are also goonda. ``In the last election we got 1.5 lakh votes. Are they all goondas? Jacob Khaling, SkM spokesman today asked in a press conference.
Regarding corruption charges against CM Pawan Chamling Khaling said charge sheet was already prepared by then CBI Director and a letter was sent to then Cheif Secretary TT Dorjee for approval of registering CBI case but CM issued a notification which barred the CBI entry in Sikkim.
He also said that if CM still thought he was clean then he should let the CBI enter the state and investigate allegations against CM .