Sikkim Republican Party backs DSA demand on land protection

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23 Aug 2018

The Sikkim Republican Party believes that the demand of the Sherpas get their land protected under Revenue Order no. 1 is a valid demand. “Sherpas are justified in their demand as it falls within the ambit of Article 371(F)," Sikkim Republican Party president K B Rai said in a news conference at Sikkim Press Club on Thursday.
The Denzong Sherpa Association has repeatedly demanded that land of the Sherpas should be protected under the pre-merger rule, and not under the law framed by the State Government recently. Chief Mnister Pawan Chamling has suggested that protecting land of Sherpas under Revenue Order no. 1 would compromse article 371(F). The State Government recently amended the Sikkim Regulation of Transfer of Land Act 2005, restricting sale of land holdings of different communities including Sherpas within the members of the same community.