SKM criticizes Chamling on Doklam statement

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22 Aug 2018

The recent statement by Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling that the Centre had not kept the Sikkim Government informed about the stand-off in Doklam between Indian and Chinese armies has invited criticisms from Sikkim Krantikari Morcha which is of the opinion that such a statement from the Chief Minister could jeopardize national security. Acting president of SKM K. N. Lepcha said on Wednesday no one had the authority to question the Centre on issues relating to national security.
“It has been one year since the Doklam stand-off and the Chief Minister has suddenly spokesn about this in the national media. What is the reason? He must be aware that natonal security is a part of the Central list and states cannot interfere with it. Even knowing this he has said this, so this is something serious,” SKM spokesman Jacob Khaling said.
Khaling pointed out that Chamling’s statement would come in handy for China as in the international arena it would strengthen the cause of China. A similar thing happened on June 5. 2017, when the Chief Minister had said: ‘Sikkim had not merged with India to be sandwiched between West Bengal and China.’ After this statement of Chamling, the Chinese media had campaigned that India had misled Sikkim, Khaling pointed out.