Veteran speakers reveal secrets behind the "Audacity to Mould" in SMIT platform

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8 Oct 2018

Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology organized on Sunday TEDxSMIT Fourth Edition with the theme, "Audacity to Mould." It was a platform for spreading ideas, in the form of short and powerful talks from erudite speakers.
The talk session started with the first speaker of the day, Managing Director, Ericsson Global Services Amitabh Ray. He deliberated his talk on the topic, "Doing Things Right v/s Doing the Right Thing" with intriguing real-life examples and several noteworthy points.
Founder, Afterglow Tech, Ashish Anand spoke about "The Power of an Idea." He began it by putting light on the subject of changing ideas to reality.  The speaker then cited that in every downswing in life, an individual tended to question himself and get demotivated in the process.When they were in their high points, they must prepare for the worst, he argued.
Veteran journalist Karma S. Paljor, hailing from Sikkim. took the center stage to give his talk on the topic, "My Birthplace Does Not Define Me”. In his talk, the speaker deliberated on how one must get away from their comfort zones, shatter the stereotypes that generalized a group of people and strive forward in the path to success.
NDA alumnus author and digital marketing consultant Alcatraz Dey spoke on the topic, "Change in Perception". The speaker kept the audience's attention intact by answering the biggest question of modern age, "What is the purpose of life," while simultaneously sharing the experiences of his life.
Founder of FB Page, The Frustrated Engineer and FOSLA Media Rajendra Rathore, graced the stage and spoke on the topic, "Stop the Cringe" wherein he shared his experiences at school and college. He explained how the four years of his engineering gave him the clarity on what he wanted to pursue further.
Author, poet and a depression survivor Sangeetha Parameswaran spoke on, "Mirage of the Mind" in which she shared her account of the time when she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. She laid emphasis on seeking therapies and sensitizing mental health by refraining from comparing pains of different individuals.
The seventh and the final speaker of the day was none other than actor and writer Shivankit Singh Parihar who talked on, "To be Different and Stand Out". In his talk, the speaker highlighted on his urge to stand out from others and have a distinctive voice, whilst sharing his journey of discovering his admiration for the field of acting, eventual venturing into writing and how he used his biggest weakness of baldness as his strength, thereby reflecting upon the theme of the event, "Audacity to Mould.”
The event began with Director, Prof. (Dr.) Ashis Sharma and the Associate Director of Academics and Lead Faculty Coordinator, Prof. (Dr.) BB Pradhan introducing TEDxSMIT and the aim behind organizing the event. All the speakers were felicitated after the address with a certificate and khadas by the Director and Associate Director.
Prof. (Dr.) Ashis Sharma, Director, SMIT said SMIT had always ventured to provide best exposure to the students and this event was aimed at that. He termed it a great opportunity for the students to get to listen to the elite speakers. Santosh Gandharva also presented a Sarangi performance.