Young footballers kept waiting at talent hunt event

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30 Aug 2018

A large number of young footballers arrived at Paljor Stadium in Gangtok early on Thursday to attend a scouting event organized by Minerva Punjab FC for fresh talents in Sikkim but the trial could not be completed.
“We are observing the trial from early morning, hundreds of young players have turned up for the trial but from the organizing side only two people are conducting the trial for hundreds,” Member of Football Club Association of Sikkim Sumeet Thirani said. “We are organizing our scouting in other state too but there we got local support but here we didn't get any support so the trial has been already halted for two times,” the coach from Minerva Punjab FC said.
Young footballer from different districts of Sikkim had come for trial but they remained waiting. “I have come from Jorethang for the trial with my brother but we are still waiting for our turn. We have planned to return our home but it's already late so what should we do now,” a player who had come for trial said.