Kanchanjungha Express: Pantry car withdrawal irks passengers

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19 Jun 2013

Passengers of Kanchanjungha Express have reported inconvenience for the sudden withdrawal of pantry car from the train. Very recently, the Kanchanjungha Express, which is the only available regular night train for Kolkata from Guwahati, has abruptly withdrawn the pantry car, leaving the passengers astray in the mercy of the stores on the stations which do not maintain hygiene standard and food qualities.

The timing of Kanchanjungha Express makes it a suitable train for the outsiders coming to Kolkata. Many outsiders from different parts of the North-East arrive at Guwahati first to avail the Kanchanjungha Express. The unavailability of the pantry car is mostly felt by the senior citizens and mothers for whom accessing the food stores on stations is difficult. All are surprised with the decision of withdrawing the pantry car as they are struggling with hygiene and hunger. The biggest sufferers are the kids, who are literally starving.