Huge Andaman Cobra rescued

Hut Bay
30 Jul 2018

In another daring act, snake handlers of the Department of Environment and Forest rescued a huge Andaman Cobra from a vacant quarter near the APWD Workshop here. As per reports, nearby residents spotted the reptile and immediately informed the forest officials. A team of forest officials armed with snake catching equipment reached the spot and rescued the Andaman Cobra measuring around 2 mtrs and weighing more than 2 kilos. The snake was, later, released into protected surroundings near Chathan beach. The Andaman Cobra (Naja sagittifera), is a species of cobra in the Elapidae family, that is native to the Andaman Islands. The unmistakable species is medium in length and is a heavy bodied species of cobra. The species inhabits primary and secondary lowland forests, forest edges and mangroves. It is mainly a nocturnal and terrestrial species that likes water. Although it feeds mainly on small mammals and frogs, it will take a variety of prey including rodents, domestic fowls, and their eggs. (EOIC)