Hut Bay residents berate ‘laid-off’ SBI ATM

Hut Bay
2 Aug 2017

Defunct ATM (Automated Teller Machine) facility has again started taking a toll on villagers of Hut Bay in Little Andaman. According to reports, the ATM installed by the State Bank of India at Hut Bay barely works during peak days in a month particularly during the period of salary disbursal and enraged villagers of the region are now demanding closure of the facility which has failed to live up to the expectations of the people. Moreover, the Bank has reported imposed withdrawal limit of Rs 5000 per day creating further resentment among customers.
“It has become a recurring phenomenon that the ATM facility at Hut Bay remains non-operational during the early days of a month when people use the facility to withdraw their salaries. The situation is particularly troublesome for government employees hailing from other parts of these islands who find it extremely difficult to meet their daily expenses in the absence of cash. Even locals who intend to purchase sweets and clothes for their family members from their salaries return home dejected. The State Bank of India should ensure dependable ATM services for the villagers or else it shut down so that customers are able explore other options,” said some residents of Hut Bay. (EOIC)