Stray cattle rule roads in Little Andaman, Panchayat bodies unmoved

Hut Bay
24 Jul 2018

Routine caveats by the civic body and constant pleas by the panchayat authorities notwithstanding, stray cattle menace continues to dog residents in the city as well rural pockets of these islands. Hut Bay, in particular, has become a glaring example of official apathy where presence of of stray cattle in large number on the arterial road stretches is posing a threat to vehicle users and pedestrians alike.
As per reports, a steep rise in the number of stray cattle has been witnessed in Little Andaman recently as the concerned Gram Panchayats in the region reportedly is taking little interest in contain the menace. As a result, the stray animals have turned killers on the roads in Little Andaman leading to a surge in the number of road mishaps of late.  A survey by this correspondent found that there has been no relief for residents in Little Andaman when it comes to stray cattle menace. A large number of stray animals were found squatting on the roads in most areas of Little Andaman. The number of stray cattle has reportedly increased sharply and despite repeated requests of villagers, the Panchayat authorities have failed to tackle the problem. This correspondent found that even crucial parts of Little Andaman like the bazaar area, Coast Guard Station etc were infested with stray cattle menace.
“Stray cattle are omnipresent – on the roads, vital road junctions, garbage pits, blocking the free flow of traffic or rummaging through the garbage in almost every part of Little Andaman.  The stray cattle menace simply refuses to vanish to the chagrin of villagers here. These stray cattle pose a serious risk to the lives of the commuters. The risk increases manifold during the night hours as the drivers fail to spot the animals present on the roads due to darkness. There have been numerous accidents in the past when motorists suffered grievous injuries due to the presence of stray cattle on the main road here. Apart from causing general nuisance, these stray animals often become aggressive and cause damage to private and public property. The Panchayat authorities agencies should strictly implement existing rules and mull over new ideas to deal with the menace,” said some villagers of Hut Bay. (EOIC)