Chaos in GST implementation: Punjab FM

15 Oct 2017

Alleging that there has been lot of "chaos" in the implementation of GST, Punjab Finance Minister Manpreet Badal said the new tax regime should be made simpler, especially for the small players.
The Congress leader said the Goods and Services Tax (GST) was not very well planned.
He also said that the country's economy is not in a position to bear shocks like note ban and GST within a year.
"As a responsible finance minister I, for one, obviously don't want now... you don't cut your nose to spike your face. Now that we have got into the GST regime, we should try and simplify it," Badal told PTI here.
"Simplify, especially for some sectors like textile sector, construction sector, bicycle industry, especially for the small and medium trader and for that, Government of India must listen to the feedback coming from the states," he said.
"Every state has a peculiar problem and there are multiple slab rates," Badal said.
He alleged that there has been lot of chaos and "pandemonium" in the implementation of GST.
"It (GST) was not very well planned out. There has been a lot of chaos and pandemonium. This is now showing in the last four months. We are constantly trying to tweak it.
"So, we could have done this more scientifically. We should have had a three-month trial run or something," he said.
The economy of the country is not in a position to bear "shocks" like demonetisation and GST within a span of one year, he claimed.
The ruling BJP is rattled by the fallout of the new tax regime, he said. (PTI)