TN Assembly incident disgraceful: Venkaiah

19 Feb 2017

Terming the ruckus in Tamil Nadu Assembly as "a disgrace to democracy", Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu today said people will lose faith in the political system if legislators behave in such a manner.
Referring to the yesterday's incidents, he said "What happened in the Tamil Nadu Assembly was a disgrace to democracy. All concerned should introspect and see such things do not happen in future."
The Information and Broadcasting Minister said people look at the MPs and the MLAs as the role models, and if the people's representatives behave like this, people will lose faith in the democratic institutions and also in the political system."
The Tamil Nadu Assembly witnessed unprecedented stormy scenes during the trust vote won by AIADMK leader Sasikala's loyalist E K Palaniswami. During the bedlam, mikes were uprooted, chairs toppled and sheets of papers torn and hurled around, reducing the Legislative Assembly to a battleground. (PTI)