Suvendu Adhikari claims BJP’s goons responsible for Daribhit incident

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27 Oct 2018

Trinamool Congress observer and state transport minister Suvendu Adhikari claimed that police were not responsible for death of Rajesh Sarkar and Tapas Barman, who died of bullet injuries after a clash between students and police over appointment of teachers at Daribhit high school under Islampur police station on September 20.
Adhikari addressed a large gathering of party workers at Islampur court ground today where state BJP president Dilip Ghosh held a public meeting after the Daribhit incident. It is being speculated that holding today’s meeting at the same venue Adhikari conveyed a message that Trinamool would not spare a single inch of land for BJP here.
Tourism minister Gautam Deb, minister of state for panchayet & rural development department Golam Rabbani, Islampur MLA & civic body chief Kanhaiyalal Agarwal, North Dinajpur district Trinamool president Amal Acharya and all district Trnamool leaders of rank & file were present in the meeting where Adhikari was the key-speaker.
“BJP has been trying to sustain anarchy in the state over Daribhit issue. Death of two students is indeed unfortunate. But they were not killed by police firing. Hooligans imported from Bihar and Assam by BJP, were responsible for killing of students,” Adhikari said.
Claiming that the state government was ready to speak to family members of deceased students Adhikari said, “An impartial probe has already been ordered by the state government. Whenever they want, family members of deceased students may speak to representative of state government. Even the Chief Minister would sanction an appointment for speaking to them and knowing their grievances,” Transport minister assured.
Explaining the sympathetic attitude of the ruling party to families of dead students Adhikari said, “Rabbani despite the humiliation he faced at Daribhit calmly spoke to the dead students’ families and villagers. Agarwal, as local MLA has also cooperated with those families. We are still ready to speak to them anytime they want.”
Urging the party workers to fight against alleged attempts by BJP  the transport minister claimed that today’s meeting was at least five-times larger in terms of attendance than the one organized by BJP few days ago.