Law minister inspects progress of building of circuit bench, proposed inauguration on Aug 17

12 Jul 2018

State law minister Malay Ghatak today inspected the development of renovations of the infrastructures of the circuit bench in the district on Thursday. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee recently declared that the circuit bench might start functioning from August 17.
Soon after attending a meeting on tea-gardens at Uttarkanya in Siliguri, Ghatak, who is also the labour minister of state, rushed to Jalpaiguri to take stock of the renovations today.
“The High Court wants the inauguration of the circuit bench in Jalpaiguri on August 17. Accordingly, the CM made the announcement,” Ghatak said.
He said that the renovations were going on on war footing so that the work could be complete well in advance.
The minister also inspected the Teesta Bungalow of the irrigation department and the bungalow of the North Bengal development department at the vicinity of Jubilee Park today. Those two bungalows have been selected as the residence of the judges of the circuit bench.
The law minister also held meeting with the officials of the district administrations about the progress of the renovation-work.
Later he said, “We are committed to hand over the complete infrastructure before the stipulated time.”
He also said that the state government recommended names of 16 judges for the circuit bench. (EOIC)