Preparation of Bio-pesticides training at Kamorta

18 Nov 2017

The Department of Agriculture, Kamorta in association with Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) conducted a two-day training programme on ‘Preparation of Bio-pesticides’ in the Rural Knowledge Centre Kamorta.
The Chairperson Tribal Council, Ms. Ayesha Majeed, lauded the Department for organising such an event at Kamorta for tribal farmers as it is important for purview of Promotion of Organic farming. She urged the farmers to practice and learn to prepare bio-pesticides and use in their field and give the feedback to the Department. Dr. Sunita Roy, SVO, Kamorta appreciated the Department for conducting the training and detailed various schemes by the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services. Fisheries Superintendent, Kamorta Mr. Mathias detailed the schemes by the Department of Fisheries for the farming community. In the technical session Ms. Arti Singh, Agriculture Officer explained the importance of bio-pesticides and its role in organic farming, urging to minimise the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and to adopt organic farming by using organic manures, green manure, bio-pesticides etc. by organic inputs in their field helping to reduce their costs.
Mr. T. Srinivas Rao, AFA conducted practical demonstration for preparation of pesticides. Smti T. S. Supriya, AFA yhrew light on schemes by the Department of Agriculture. An herbal walk around through the Multi Purpose Farm, Kamorta was also conducted for the participants to observe various activities of the farm and for identification of various plants for preparation of bio-pesticides. Farmers actively participated in making bio-pesticides by using different plants locally available in Kamorta. 20 farmers from Champin, Kakana and Kamorta village attended the programme. Mr. Ranjan Heera, ATM, UTATMA proposed the vote of thanks.