Awareness campaign on pangolin conservation at Kashipur

17 Feb 2018

Kolkata Green Planet Organisation organised an awareness programme on the occasion of World Pangolin Day-2018  to protect the engendered species in the Kashipur town of Purulia on Saturday. As a part of this awareness programme a procession roamed different parts of the city. Students and teachers of the different schools in the city took part in the procession. Later an awareness campaign to educate the people on the ways of conserving the pangolin was organised on the ground adjacent to the Vivekananda Library. During this campaign the speakers appealed to the local population to protect this rare species which is also known as banrui to the locals. 
The secretary of the organisation Swapan Ghosh informed that the aim of the organization is to protect the bio-diversity of nature and to protect the pangolin is essential for protecting the bio-diversity. He said, “Due to lack of preservation the pangolin is on the verge of extinction. The demand of pangolin is very high for its tasty flesh. The scale of this animal also has demand in the foreign countries. Poachers kill pangolin in prospect of good monetary return. There are many incidents in Purulia district when the people have killed Pangolin just for food.” He also informed that in the future the organization will hold this type of awareness campaign at the Hura and the Mofussil police station area of Purulia. (EOIC)