Appearance of Srila Sacchidaand Bhakivinod Thakur

24 Sep 2018

Sri Saraswat Gaudiya Vaishnava Sangha, an umbrella  organisation for 55 Gaudiya Muttsa today celebrated the 181st Appearance day of Srila Sacchidanand Bhakivinod Thakur at Surabhi Kumja, Swarupgunj  in the Nadia district. More than 10,000 devotees of Indian and foreign origin belonging to different Gaudiya Mutts and International Society for Krishna Consciousness attended the festivities and paid their respects to Srila Sacchidanand Bhaktivinod Thakur, who is reverred as the most prominent Acharya of Gaudiya Vashnava socirty. The programme included discourses by senior monks on his life and teachings. He sowed the seed of universal brotherhood by spreading the culture of compassionfor all living  beings, a press note from ISKCON pointed out.